After-sales service

The company “ExpertProperty” tries to make your stay in Turkey as comfortable as possible, so it provides free services for the first few years after the conclusion of the transaction absolutely free of charge!

After-sales service of the ExpertProperty agency as an integral part of working with clients

After the completion of the “purchase and sale” transaction and the transfer of the TAPU (certificate of ownership) to the Turkish Cadastral Directorate, many of our clients exhale, mistakenly thinking that the most difficult and time-consuming time is over!

Our numerous experience proves that handing over the keys to the long-awaited apartment and the title deed is just the beginning of a difficult, but so exciting way to move to a new country!


The company “ExpertProperty” tries to make your stay in Turkey as comfortable as possible, so it provides after-sales service in real estate for its buyers for the first few years after the conclusion of the transaction absolutely free of charge.

We understand how difficult it is to quickly adapt in an unfamiliar country without knowledge of the language, city, mentality, so we try to help our clients with the solution of the primary tasks that arise when moving.

Respect for your time and the desire to save you from overpayments are the determining factors in our cooperation.

Becoming our client, you can count on a wide range of after-sales services in real estate absolutely free of charge


Opening an account in a Turkish bank

Having an account will save you from having to keep cash at home and will make it much easier to pay utility bills through terminals or ATMs in Turkey. And it will also be easier to make any kind of purchases via the Internet.



This is a necessary service when moving to another country. Our agency will help you get insurance for property, car and health, which automatically saves you from many problems in the event of an insured event.


Assistance in obtaining a residence permit and Turkish citizenship

Registration in various instances, including medical institutions. Without knowledge of the language, it is sometimes very difficult to even make an appointment with a doctor. In all domestic matters, our agency helps customers as long as there is a need.


Support in the conclusion of subscription agreements

Assistance in concluding subscription contracts for electricity, gas heating and water supply.


Conclusion of the contract and connection of the Internet

Foreign citizens can connect the contract for the conduct and provision of the Internet at the place of residence only if they have a residence permit document in Turkey. Without a residence permit, a foreign citizen at the place of residence is prohibited by law from connecting the Internet.


Registration of mobile phone and communication

Foreigners can use a personal phone only for the first three months from the date of the last arrival in Turkey, after which cellular communication is blocked. You either need to buy a cell phone in Turkey or register it with the Turkish Tax Office.


Call for repair and technical services

Solving issues with the prompt call of repair and technical services to eliminate possible existing problems, ventilation and control of the house in your absence.


Assistance with the purchase of household appliances and furniture

Specialists of the agency “ExpertProperty” will advise on the assortment of Turkish brands of furniture or household appliances, as well as places of purchase. They will tell you a favorable time for purchase, focusing on the discount season. Carry out subsequent control of delivery and installation.


Help in choosing the interior of the house

Our clients share their wishes regarding interior solutions and décor elements, and we help to make the right choice and implement solutions in the house.


Finding clients and renting out your apartment or house

Trust management and control over housing. Organization of check-in and check-out, monitoring the condition of housing, payment of aidat and utility bills.


Organization of repair of an apartment or house

If necessary, we will organize the repair of your house or apartment. We will help you find professionals in the field of repair, and we will do everything possible to fulfill your dreams of an ideal interior in the most favorable time! Qualified workers will help to carry out the full range of repair work.


Professional cleaning of your apartment or house

We will help you choose cleaning specialists, and we will clean the house in your absence. You can always be calm about the cleanliness and comfort in your Turkish home for your arrival, as well as the arrival of guests or tenants.


Rent a car

We will tell you where to find the right car and make the most of the comfortable rental services from the beginning to the end of your trip.


Buying a car in Turkey

We will be happy to advise you on the purchase of a car in cash or on lease, as well as warn you about possible nuances.


Booking and redemption of air tickets

We regularly help our clients with the purchase of air tickets to any destination, as well as give recommendations regarding the transfer.

You do not need to endure inconvenience due to the language barrier and bureaucratic nuances – our sales service will qualitatively solve all the issues that arise.

Our task is to make your stay in Turkey as comfortable as possible, so that neither the language barrier nor the difficulties with registration interfere with your acquaintance with the country.

Real estate agency in Turkey “ExpertProperty”, as you can see, and after the conclusion of the “purchase and sale” transaction, helps its clients in arranging and managing your home in Turkey.

Using the services of our company, you will receive absolutely any information and organizational support for free.

We understand how much the participation of a professional can simplify the move and adaptation, so we try to do our job so that you are satisfied and recommend us to your friends and acquaintances in the future!

Contact our specialists and get detailed advice and assistance on any issue you are interested in!