Legal & Advisory Services

Competent legal support and the help of a real estate lawyer is an integral part of any transaction through our agency:
Whether it’s a “purchase and sale” transaction or starting and running your own business.

Cooperation with the agency “ExpertProperty” will reduce all possible risks to zero, and will create for you reliable legal protection in a country whose language you may not speak.

Legal support begins from the moment of conclusion of the contract of sale, and is thoroughly controlled by our real estate lawyer.

As a guarantee, you receive a tripartite agreement between the seller, the buyer, as well as our agency, which is fully responsible for the purity of the transaction.

The document is drawn up in two languages; In case of disputes, the Russian language is always a priority.

How is legal support in housing transactions?

Verification of the seller’s documents for authenticity and compliance, which includes a detailed study of extracts from the unified state register of rights to real estate and transactions with it.

Checking the availability of a building license, as well as a building permit with a plan, analyzing data on existing arrests, pledges, sales bans, litigation.

Study of information about the commissioning of the house (in Turkey, such a document is called Iskyan), and possible tax arrears.

Before meeting with a potential buyer of real estate, our lawyer inspects the seller’s full package of documents for the property, as well as checks his unconditional ownership. All objects in our database are under legal control in order to ensure the legality of the transaction and the correct execution of all necessary documents.

On a note!

In Turkey, the cost of legal services from any lawyer: drawing up a contract of sale, or any other contract, legal advice and transaction is 2% of the total amount of the contract, plus 18% VAT.

But when choosing cooperation with our agency, a lawyer and legal support for the purchase of real estate in Turkey is carried out by us completely free of charge.

Legal support of transactions – your confidence and reliability when buying any property in Turkey. You can always take advantage of the free consultation of our real estate lawyer by phone or online consultation. The specialists of the company “ExpertProperty” will provide you with the necessary legal support and protect you from unnecessary risks and worries!