Full support of the transaction

Have you chosen the Turkish “Safe Haven” for seasonal holidays or permanent residence, to earn money from investments or to obtain a second citizenship as an investor, but you need guarantees of successful relocation?

So you have come to the right address, because the licensed agency Expert Property offers comprehensive support for any real estate transactions and bears full legal responsibility for the result. We work in the “all inclusive” format – we offer not faceless real estate, but real home coziness and comfort, housing, where there is already everything for life and recreation, and in the case of the sale of housing – a reliable and trusted buyer.

Our experts will help you at every stage of the transaction. Starting with the analysis of the market and the specific object, continuing directly at the stage of paperwork and signing papers, and up to the after-sales stage, where we take care of your adaptation in this wonderful southern country. The after-sales package for our customers is absolutely free and the most extensive in the industry.

We will not only provide consulting assistance, but we will carefully check the other side of the transaction, all registers (including for judicial arrest or bank encumbrance), compare the cost with other objects, check all certificates and the level of security of the object. Your money, time and nerves will be under our reliable protection.

We remind you that our offer is the best on the market in terms of price / quality ratio, which was noted by the prestigious award “GOLD FACES OF TURKEY” – our agency was awarded as the “Best Real Estate Agency in Turkey-2022”. We have been in the industry for 20 years and we know exactly how to help you without unnecessary expenses and headaches.

Our lawyers, realtors, translators, drivers and even interior designers are already ready to help you with the realization of your cherished dream of living in sunny Turkey, away from any adversity and threats. It all depends on your wishes! We will do everything to ensure that the transaction is safe and reliable.