Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a foreign or Turkish real estate agency? It is said that Turkish companies have cheaper real estate.

We are a licensed real estate agency registered in Turkey. We cooperate with both local buyers and foreign customers. We comply with Turkish legislation and work in accordance with Turkish rates. This is exactly 3% of the “purchase and sale” transaction.

In practice, many companies that work only with foreigners have slightly inflated rates.

If I get a residence permit, will I be able to officially get a job and work?

Unfortunately, neither a residence permit obtained on the basis of Tapu, nor a tourist residence permit on the basis of rental housing give the right to work in Turkey.

The official right is given by the employer who issues you a work permit and pays tax to the state for you.

I want to buy an apartment in Antalya, but not a single apartment in your ad database suits me. If I find a home myself through the "sahibinden" website, will you help me re-register the title deed?

No problem. Since we are the official representatives of the company “Sahibinden”, we will be happy to help you re-register the apartment for you for only 2%. That is, we will take care of the entire legal part, competently accompany the transaction at all stages.

How much is property tax?

The standard sales tax is 4% of the value of the property.

Question about real estate in Turkey: I heard that when buying an apartment in a complex, you do not need to buy a parking space for a car separately. Then how is the issue between tenants for the right to park resolved?

Thank you for this question. That’s right. In accordance with Turkish law, no matter what level the complex is, whether it is premium or medium, parking spaces in them are not bought or sold.

However, each apartment has one parking space by default.

If the number of apartments exceeds the number of parking spaces, then in this case, the car can be parked on the street.

Only 5% of all housing projects in Antalya have 2 parking spaces assigned to one apartment.

I am a citizen of Kazakhstan. We have been living in Turkey with my family for a year now. But a new law has come out and now they say that we will not be able to re-extend the residence permit. For what reasons and how to solve this issue?

Absolutely. Within the framework of the Immigration Law from 01.01.2020, foreigners who previously received their residence permit on the terms of rented housing will not be able to extend it if the purpose of stay remains the same. That is, to extend a residence permit, another reason is already required – the purchase of real estate in Turkey.

(This law does not apply to citizens of Russia and the European Union)

I want to ask a question about real estate. My husband and I want to buy an apartment in order to rent it out later. Tell me, which city is better for us to choose?

The leading position in the list of cities in Turkey for investment is undoubtedly occupied by the city of Antalya. Given the progressive real estate market, year-round demand for rental housing and a high standard of living.

We want to move to Turkey with my wife and small child. We can afford it, because we work remotely. But the frightening thing is that Turkey is a seismically active country and earthquakes are possible. Is this true, and if so, which region is the safest?

Really. Numerous geological faults pass through the territory of Turkey. As you know, earthquakes often occur in the zones of such faults.

In terms of the probability of earthquakes, of all the major resort areas located on the Mediterranean coast, Alanya is considered one of the safest places to live, relax and buy real estate.

How much does a 2-room apartment cost in an ordinary house without a swimming pool in the city of Antalya? What do you need to take from the documents with you to buy an apartment? I am from Krasnodar.

The average cost of a 1 + 1 apartment in a well-kept house with minimal infrastructure is $ 50,000.

At the stage of concluding a contract of sale, you only need a passport. To finalize the property and obtain a TAPU, you will need documents such as:

  • Tax number. It is opened at the Turkish Tax Inspectorate;
  • Original and notarized translation of the passport;
  • 2 color photographs 3×4;
How many days does it take to register an apartment in Turkey?

The deadline for obtaining a TAPU is up to five days from the date the seller submits an application to the Cadastral Office. After that, the buyer becomes the full owner of the property in Turkey.

I need advice on real estate in Turkey. If I decide to fly to you on the terms of a sightseeing tour, but for certain reasons I do not choose an apartment, what will I have to pay for?

If the transaction does not take place, then for accommodation in our apartments the amount will be only 25 € per day.

How many days does your sightseeing tour last? When buying, do you pay the cost of arrival?

Our information tour lasts 4 days. If you buy a home, this tour will cost you completely free!

Is it possible to buy real estate for Armenian citizens?

Yes of course! Armenian citizens have the same full right to purchase real estate in Turkey as citizens from any countries of the former CIS.

How quickly is Turkish citizenship issued? Do I have to renounce my citizenship?

The easiest and fastest way to obtain Turkish citizenship is to buy real estate for a minimum amount of $ 250,000. The maximum period for obtaining a Turkish passport is 4 months.

Dual citizenship is allowed in the Republic of Turkey. Therefore, in those countries where it is also allowed, there is no need to renounce native citizenship.

I bought an apartment last year in Antalya. Now I'm thinking of renting it out. Is it possible to enter into a trust agreement with you?

Of course. Our company Expert Property offers its clients trust management of property on the terms of free after-sales service.

You will not need to search for bona fide and solvent customers, control the safety of property, and solve everyday issues.

We will do all this for you!

A question about real estate in Turkey. I want to buy an apartment in Antalya or Alanya. But what will happen to it in my absence, if suddenly it is flooded by neighbors?

In this case, we draw up a contract of trust for the transfer of property. After signing it, our company takes full responsibility for your property.

I want to urgently sell an apartment in Side. Triplex apartment in a gated complex with a swimming pool.

Not a problem! We will be happy to help you sell your property in Turkey. To do this, we need documents for the apartment, photos of the apartments.

If I can't come to the registration of the apartment in my name. What should I do, please tell me

If you are in Turkey, then in any notary’s office you can draw up a general power of attorney that you transfer all rights to the person you trusted, including the re-registration of subscriber accounts.

If you are staying in your country, then this power of attorney must be drawn up and notarized at the Turkish Embassy.

Is it possible for foreign pensioners to apply for an installment plan or mortgage in Turkey?

Good afternoon! We thank you for your question. So, in Turkey, it is easy for elderly foreigners to buy an apartment or villa in Turkey: there is an option with both installments and a loan.

A loan from a Turkish bank can only be taken up to 65 years. The mortgage is provided for different periods, the maximum is 10 years. Mortgage loans in Turkish lira are issued at 9-11% per annum.

What is the percentage of the agency for the services of purchasing housing?

In accordance with Turkish law, the percentage of the commission rate should not exceed 3% of the “purchase and sale” transaction.

When buying an apartment, what taxes do I have to pay?

When buying real estate in Turkey, you need to pay a tax on the purchase of real estate, which is 4% of the cadastral value.

After buying a property, what do we have to pay for as owners? Does aidat include utility bills for an apartment?

Of the annual payments, it is mandatory: real estate tax (the amount varies from 0.1 to 0.2% of the cadastral value) and DASK – compulsory insurance against earthquakes.

Monthly payments include utility bills for meters (electricity, water, gas). Aidat is also a monthly fee, but utility bills are not included there. This is a fixed fee for services for the maintenance of the house and its local area. The more extensive the infrastructure of the complex, the higher the amount of aidat.

I have the following question: for example, I bought an apartment in Antalya. He issued a residence permit for himself and his family, his wife and children. Will my parents also be able to obtain a residence permit for my apartment? If so, how is the process going?

Yes, absolutely. A residence permit can be issued to your direct relatives, including your parents. It is issued for a period of up to a maximum of 2 years with a subsequent extension for another 2 years.

I want to buy a 3-room apartment in Istanbul for moving and permanent residence. I'm thinking about it, if the entire amount is not enough for the purchase, I will contact the bank to obtain a mortgage. The question is: in what currency do Turkish banks issue a mortgage loan and in what currency do you advise taking a loan?

In Turkey, all banks issue mortgage loans to foreigners in the amount of 50% of the cost of housing. The currency is issued in both dollars, euros, and Turkish lira. You choose the currency that suits you. However, if you take out a loan for a long period (7-10 years), then we advise you to take a loan in local currency. Since the dollar and the euro are more likely to be devalued.

When buying a property in Turkey, in what currency is the payment made? Is it possible to pay in rubles, since it has recently become very difficult for us in Russia to exchange rubles for dollars.

Payment for real estate in Turkey is accepted either in dollars, euros or Turkish lira. Rubles are not quoted in Turkey when buying real estate.

We want to move to Turkey, Antalya. First, rent a house to take a closer look, and then buy an apartment. What do you need to rent a house in Antalya? What is the deposit?

Awesome! The first step is to decide whether you will contact a real estate agency or use Turkish sites on your own. In the second stage, when you find suitable accommodation, you will need to draw up a lease agreement. You can purchase a standard contract form at a stationery store. The minimum term of the lease agreement is six months, the maximum is a year.

The third stage is filled with an IOU (senet) – 12 official papers that the tenant signs and gives to the owner. Every month after making the payment, one such paper will be returned by the landlord to the tenant. As an additional guarantor, the guarantor acts, he must be a citizen of Turkey and, in case of any problems, fully take responsibility for the internal safety of housing.

Making a deposit depends on the wishes of the homeowner. Someone wants to immediately take an advance payment for 6 months, someone is satisfied with 4 months. But at least, everyone takes a deposit for 2 months in advance.

Can Foreign Nationals Own Land in Turkey? There is a lot of information on the Internet on this topic, but it is kind of confusing. In the end, I can't understand whether they have the right or not?

Undoubtedly, foreigners have the right to purchase land in Turkey. Although, there are still some restrictions. For example, the maximum area of land in the property should be 30 hectares.

I am a single mother, raising my daughter alone. It has become very difficult to live in our country lately. I'm thinking of buying an apartment for my daughter's future, but for now I can arrange it for myself. I am worried about this situation, if something happens to me, what will happen to the apartment, will it be inherited by my daughter?

Absolutely! Under Turkish law, you have the same rights as Turkish citizens.

In the event of an accident, all real estate after 6 months and the provision of all necessary documents confirming the death of the owner of the apartment, the property passes to the next of kin.

Here is the question I have, how do I transport money from Kazakhstan to pay for the purchased apartment? Now it is extremely difficult to make this out of our country. How do people do it in practice?

To date, there are 3 safe options for paying for an apartment in Turkey:

1. Opening a personal bank account to which you will transfer payment from your homeland;

2. Payment system “Golden Crown”. The allowable amount per day is $ 10,000. I.e. you can transfer the entire amount to the passport data of your authorized person within a week;

3. A company that transports cash at a certain interest rate.

For more information, leave your details and our specialists will contact you. Thank you for your attention to us!