Management Consulting

One of the most common issues that many clients face after purchasing a coveted property by the sea is related to subsequent management. Who and how will dispose of the apartment, villa or house in the absence of the owner? The same question is asked by those who are interested in purchasing real estate solely for the purpose of subsequent rental and commercial profit.

Of course, you can seek help from special organizations or from an individual who provides such a service, and there are quite a few of them in Turkey. But the average cost of real estate management services in Turkey ranges from 20% to 30% of the cost of renting a room.

Our real estate agency in Turkey “ExpertProperty” offers its clients trust management of real estate on the terms of free after-sales service. When planning the purchase of real estate in Turkey through our agency, you can save your time and significantly increase your income by shifting the management of your property onto our shoulders.

Property management is:

A range of services within the framework of which, our company will search for conscientious and solvent tenants, monitor the safety of property, solve household issues regarding your housing in Turkey.

For the transfer of property management rights, we must conclude an agreement with our clients.


Legal norms of the contract “Real Estate Management” from the company ExpertProperty

  1. Provision of full name, passport data of the owner, details of the parties to the contract, data transfer, tax number
  2. A detailed description of the apartment or house (full data on the property and its photos, TAPU certificate of ownership)
  3. Determination of the most convenient frequency for the owner of the report on the arrival and departure of tenants, which will be sent to the owner in any convenient way: by mail or WhatsApp
  4. Establishing the duration of the contract, the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as the degree of responsibility of the parties in case of breach of the contract
  5. Identification of the reasons for early termination or termination of the contract

Guarantees of the client within the framework of the contract

  • Search for bona fide tenants and organization of their settlement.
  • Monthly inspection of the premises by our rental staff.
  • Timely payment of bills and clear control over the safety of your property.
  • Provision of household services (repairs, calling specialized services) if necessary.
  • Responsibility for the settlement of disputes with tenants, if any.

As part of our work, we are fully responsible for your property, its operation and safety. We try to do all the work professionally and conscientiously, because we value our name and our customers.

You can learn more about the provision of property management services from our specialists by filling out the application below: