Expert Agrarian

Expert Agrarian: banana plantation as an investor’s dream

Passive income for the investor is the agricultural sector.

Expert Agrarian is one of the directions of our holding Expert Group. The demand for banana plantations among investors is growing due to the high yield (25% per annum)! That is why we have created a specialized company that is engaged in the development and preparation of a business plan and legal support for the entire agricultural business. And these are strawberry plantations, the cultivation of various fruits, vegetables, avocados and banana plantations.

Expert Agrarian began with the fact that the founders of the Expert Group leased one banana plantation of 1 hectare. Just to test this area for investment. With an investment of 500 thousand dollars. It gave about 20-25% of the annual profit. After 2.5 years, the funds were reinvested in the same plantation with an area of 2 hectares.

The total yield from 3 hectares is 250 tons per year, which is estimated at about 200 thousand dollars. Bananas yield twice a year, very unpretentious, require one employee at the ripening stage. The larger the area of land, the lower the cost per hectare and, accordingly, the higher the net profit. The depreciation period of greenhouses and lease agreements is 10-15 years.

After testing the banana business firsthand, our company began to provide services to other investors who are interested in this business. The Expert Agrarian team is ready to take over the management of plantations and sales of products, providing the client with essentially passive income and legal guarantees.

We recommend investing 500 thousand dollars. or more to obtain a stable profit and to obtain Turkish citizenship. Turkey’s domestic market is still about 60% full, so there will definitely be demand for your bananas.

In the face of instability in global financial markets and food problems in the world, plantations allow not only to “land” capital and diversify risks, but also guarantee a stable profit – a Turkish passport can be a nice bonus.

Expert Agrarian is an original response to the financial and food crises in the WIN / WIN format.