Expert Consult

Expert Consult – relocation and profitable business in Turkey for foreigners

We continue to acquaint you with updates in our corporate family. Today we will tell you about the company Expert Consult, which is responsible for supporting the client business in the Expert Group.

Registration of a company in Turkey, assistance in drawing up a business plan and analyzing the industry, selection of a franchise and commercial real estate, etc. The experts of our company have been engaged in full support of client businesses of varying complexity for several years.

We have particularly successful cases in the areas of real estate (commercial and residential real estate, land), logistics and agriculture. This experience and a stable flow of customers allowed us to separate consulting into a separate company to provide even better service.

Now the demand for the relocation of business, employees, and sometimes entire industries from the troubled CIS to foreign-friendly Turkey is growing rapidly. But moving a company to another country or creating a foreign business from scratch is a difficult decision that requires knowledge of the market, legislation and local mentality. We can offer you all this, making the transit of the company and capital to Turkey as simple and safe as possible, as well as work here.

In addition, our specialists from other divisions of the Expert Group will provide you and your employees with housing, help with medical insurance and relocation (they will even find plane tickets if necessary).

That is, we offer not just services for registering a company in Turkey – we offer a complete package solution for all (!) nuances of both relocation and work in new conditions, and even providing housing and decent comfort for your employees. If required, we can design and build under your strict control a new office in a unique design or a residential complex closed to outsiders.

An investor can also have an “oriental fairy tale” – successful profitable work and confidence in the future. Expert Consult is no longer a fairy tale – it is your success on a turnkey basis with legally formalized guarantees