Expert Logistic

Expert Logistic is a “guardian angel” for your cargo

Logistics, transportation inside and outside Turkey for business and your family is what Expert Logistic is. If you have on your agenda moving to a new apartment or relocating a company, then you can’t do without transport services. The Expert Group division, which we will present to you today, has been engaged in transportation since 2009 – Expert Logistic knows exactly how to help you.

Many people, moving to another country, pay attention only to the price and comfort of housing, but forget about the applied nuances of moving. But to move from one private house (cottage) to another, it usually requires transporting to another country about 35 cubic meters of cargo or 5 tons of personal belongings, furniture, etc. For a one-room apartment, 10 cubic meters and 1 ton may be enough – all this must be taken into account when looking for a car.

You can buy a lot on the spot (and we can also help with this by organizing discounts on furniture and appliances), but even then there will be things that you simply cannot do without. Grandma’s favorite antique sideboard or father’s leather chair, which was presented to him by colleagues for his long service. Everyone will have such things – and we can deliver all of them to Turkey or, conversely, bring them from here. Moving within the Republic is also not a problem for us.

If you decide to relocate production to Turkey, retaining the unique equipment, then we can also help – we have different cars, including for the transportation of fragile goods. You will also be able to insure the cargo, and our specialists will arrange everything in the best way at the border. We can also take care of regular transportation of your company.

Moving to another home or relocating a business is a solution that requires a strategic step-by-step approach to calculate the optimal time for dispatch, travel time, control the carrier and, at the same time, not overpay. Or you can not bother yourself with unnecessary information and just hire experts from Expert Logistic.

Expert Logistic – more than 10 years of successful transportation at the best prices.