Expert Property

Expert Property is a symbol of home comfort in the Expert Group family

Friends, we continue to acquaint you with the updated Expert Group, the “pearl” of which is the real estate agency Expert Property. Yes, we leave it unchanged. Except that the service will become even better, and the free after-sales package will be even more extensive (which is already the best on the market).

Our company was founded in 2003, but the residential real estate segment arose only in 2013 for the domestic Turkish market. By that time, we had already “got our hands full” on commercial real estate for our own needs. If you already have considerable experience in working with commercial real estate, then the transition to the adjacent segment of the sale of residential real estate is quite logical, right?

Until 2018, when the government of the Republic of Turkey embarked on a course to attract foreigners, we sold Turkish housing to the Turks themselves. Thanks to this, we gained valuable experience and connections in the market, gained expertise confirmed by a license – this is what we reflected in the name of the Expert Property agency.

But 2018 changed everything… Due to the fact that the founders of our company come from the CIS, they knew from personal experience about all the nuances of moving with their families to another country, about the needs and problems of migrants – and how to solve them. This unique knowledge and expertise made it possible to give people exactly what they need – without overpayments, with clear legal guarantees and full household support to accelerate adaptation.

Our services and pricing policy have been so favorably received by the audience in the CIS that sales have been growing steadily since 2018. They grew even during the crisis, because real estate is the best tool for “landing” your capital – if you just leave the money in the bank or under your pillow, then the crisis and inflation will simply “eat” them in a few years.

In addition, having your own housing in Turkey, you can come here on vacation and for security reasons, if chaos begins again in the CIS. Plus comfort, beaches and true Turkish hospitality with ample earning opportunities. All this our agency offers you – now even more efficiently and reliably.

We do not sell housing.

We sell you true home comfort, without problems and worries, and with passive income.