Real estate appraisal

Before offering you the property you are interested in in Turkey, we must assess the value of the property. Order an appraisal of the property you are interested in in our company.

Each object in the real estate database of our agency undergoes a thorough analysis and verification before it is offered to your consideration. This procedure is an important step before the planned conclusion of the contract of sale. The appraisal of housing carried out by our company is not based on general data and statistics, but personally by our specialists with extensive experience in the field of real estate.

After this analysis, you will receive answers to important questions such as:

  • How much does real estate in Turkey cost in the city and area you are interested in?

Our methods of real estate appraisal in Turkey

  • The first valuation method that we use allows us to estimate the value of a property by analyzing the market value of an apartment, house or commercial premises. Due to this analysis, the real price for which the object can be sold in a free market is revealed. The average market value is calculated using the example of similar objects in the area.
  • The second method is to increase the liquidation value of the price at which the object can be sold in the shortest possible time (say, in the period from 3 to 5 months).
  • The third method of calculation is to take into account the investment value of the object.
    This is one of the most important methods of real estate appraisal in Turkey. It is needed in order to determine the possibility of income – the equivalent of profit from renting out real estate or selling it after a short period of time (for example, a year or two). Calculating the investment value of the property also helps to analyze the prospects for profit growth in the future.
  • There is another type of valuation in Turkey – the cadastral value of the property.
    It is carried out by the state appraisal service “independent expert company”, the purpose of this procedure is to determine and fix the cadastral value for taxation.

What affects the value of real estate in Turkey

  1. The cost of the land on which the object is built;
  2. The cost of costs for the construction of the facility (this includes the cost of building materials and other costs during construction);
  3. Location in accordance with the level of infrastructure and distance from the sea or sea view;
  4. Year of construction – the older the house, the more costs it assumes for investment in repairs;
  5. Environmental factor. The cost of real estate in Turkey near the sea, forest, promenade or parks is valued higher than real estate located away from an environmentally attractive environment;
  6. The characteristic of the yard is also one of the determining factors of pricing, especially when it comes to complexes of two or more blocks. An apartment located in a complex with a swimming pool, security, video surveillance, private indoor and outdoor parking, sauna and other amenities will always cost more in Turkey than similar housing without these amenities.

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